Over The Counter Drugs

What makes an individual opt for specific brand names while buying prescription or Over The Counter (OTC) drugs? It is credibility and faith that the pharmaceutical, dietary or food supplements they are purchasing are of the highest quality, and will be effective. It is an inherent belief in the organisation and its integrity, which becomes a differentiator between that and other OTC drug brands.

Since OTC medicines like cough suppressants or pain relievers, and supplements like multivitamins can be purchased without a prescription, it is imperative that they be of the purest quality, while being easily available and affordable.

Medinomics Healthcare Private Limited is among some of the most trusted names in the OTC drug contract manufacturers and distributors in India. We have a global footprint across 30 countries. Our collaborations with leading brands in local markets around the world has helped our organisation grow from strength to strength.

Over The Counter drug manufacturing plays a key role in the healthcare system. To enable greater reach and ease of availability for the average person, we are consistently making inroads in different geographies of the globe, from non-regulated to semi-regulated and regulated markets, in the pharmaceutical industry.

Each OTC drug that we contract manufacture, goes through multiple levels of development, testing, trials and approvals, before being officially released in the market. We believe in ethical business practices, and take great care to ensure that all our products use only premium quality ingredients, and are safe to use. All OTC drugs are marked and labeled for warnings, dosage specifications and shelf-life.

Let’s build a healthier new generation of world citizens.