How do large pharmaceutical brands keep up with the pace of constant innovations in the field of medicines, OTC drugs, dietary and food supplements and preventive medicine?

While researchers are working painstakingly every single day to develop newer therapeutic drugs to alleviate illness, and creating supplement formulations for better health, manufacturing these formulations is a highly skilled and complicated process, requiring highly qualified professionals and a very large set-up. Even larger pharmaceutical companies are unable to scale up in a short span of time, and do not find it viable to constantly invest in expensive technology and trained technicians for production.

Third party pharmaceutical manufacturing is an optimum solution for this challenge. It allows the R&D department of pharma companies to focus on innovations, while taking the onus of manufacturing on behalf of the brand. It takes the pressure off the brands, allowing them to be solely driven towards developing new formulations, without having to engage in producing, packaging or distribution.

Medinomics Healthcare Private Limited, a name associated with trust and goodwill for nearly 2 decades, is among the pharma brands that offers this valuable service. Medinomics has a global footprint spanning 30 countries, and has been collaborating with leading pharmaceutical companies across SE ASIA, AFRICA, LATAM, RUSSIA, CIS, EU and USA.

We are already key players in the segment of developing, manufacturing and distribution of generic & OTC drugs and nutraceutical products. By offering third party pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, we enable our partners to grow faster, while jointly fulfilling our vision of a healthier future generation.

Having built strategic partnerships with some very renowned brands, our array of services includes:

  • Private label or supply agreement
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Contract Development and Manufacturing
  • Out Licensing
  • Sourcing
  • Marketing and Distribution

As an organisation we are committed to engaging in ethical business practices, while creating affordable health solutions for every single user. We look forward to collaborating with all those who share our vision and our philosophy.

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