Our Products

Why are pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products so expensive? While individuals and families worry about the increasing expenditure on healthcare, there are still some brands and companies that work towards balancing ethics with profits.

Medinomics Healthcare Private Limited has been one of the key players in the market for generic pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products since 2004, and has been consistently working towards ensuring that premium quality products reach the end user, without exorbitant costs.

In the last 17 years, our organisation has been committed to manufacturing, outsourcing and distributing a wide range of healthcare products, including generic pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, while keeping a keen eye on affordable pricing.

Over more than one and a half decade, our team of highly qualified, experienced and skilled professionals has been developing a wide range of products, including dietary and food supplements, so that individuals and families can work towards a healthier tomorrow.

The future of medicine is ‘preventive healthcare’, wherein the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical community will work in unison, to help the average person avoid illnesses or disease in the long run, rather than trying to find short term cures. We envision a healthier global community, with access to excellent healthcare at affordable costs.

To make this a reality, Medinomics has been diligently investing in upgraded infrastructure, while using only the finest ingredients, to develop superior quality generic pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Our team has added more than 30 dietary nutrients and natural food supplements to our generic product menu, along with over 50 generic medicines.

Our Product Pipeline Contains

In our product catalogue we have nutrients extracted from minerals, supplements like RIDOMAXX (Our in-house brand for multivitamin and mineral) and supplements for different therapies which can now be purchased easily and used effectively, thanks to these being available in soft-gel capsule form manufactured by our company.

As a name synonymous with trust and integrity, Medinomics has proactively built strategic brand partnerships across (countries) like USA, LATAM, AFRICA and SE ASIA, and has a loyal client base in 30 cities, globally.

We are ready to venture deeper into the local Indian market, while increasing our footprint across the EU, USA & South East Asian region, in the niche space of generic pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. We are looking at building long term partnerships, and welcome collaborators who resonate with our philosophy of ethical business practices.